Get your own website developed to sell courses and make unlimited passive income..

Online Education is a HUGE market.

There are new platforms launching every month that are expanding the online learning market, raising millions of dollars and growing fast.

Sites like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, have millions of members.

So if you're an expert in your field, and want to make passive courses are a GREAT way to share your knowledge, while making money in your sleep. 

There are a few problems when selling courses through the popular marketplaces:

You do NOT own the site. If their site goes down, you'll lose all your courses, customers, content,etc.
You are just a vendor, and have very little control. You might not be able to control prices for your courses.
They charge high transaction fees - sometimes up to 10% per course + 2.9% for Stripe/Paypal
You have to wait to receive your earnings. Most platforms will pay out your course sale earnings every 30 days...with your own platform you’d get paid each time your course is sold.
You can only sell a limited number of courses.
Sometimes you don't control pricing. Some platforms will run sales on your course, causing you to make pennies.

That's why I decided to develop a software solution that would solve ALL of the above problems.

Hi My name is Abi Togunde.

I'm the founder and owner of Classy Technology, a technology and digital marketing agency focused on developing lead generating technology systems for local businesses.

I've developed this system to be VERY simple! 


You will start by purchasing a domain name + hosting package (fairly inexpensive, and we will provide instructions)

You will create course content! We have a recommended process we will give you to create your course. Your course content can include video lessons along with PDF files.

You will send us all content and we will quickly create your courses on your site and set the prices, access dates, coupon codes, and payment methods. WE do all the technical heavy lifting! It's included in the package.

Once your course is setup, you can begin to market it to the masses. Your target audience will begin to buy the course on autopilot.

You can even create offline events such as workshops and events, and allow people to pay and reserve their spot.

You can also offer free courses as lead magnets.

You will have an intelligent dashboard that will show you how your online business is doing. You can see complete reports that show you daily and monthly sales based on courses.

You can sit back and relax, while receiving payment notifications in your email!

Your online course website will be an evergreen business that you can keep growing by adding new courses often. Just remember, it's already a 51 billion dollar industry and there are just a handful of players in this space right now, but there is plenty of room for everyone! The sooner you get in, the bigger your exit.

Don't delay...Just grab this deal! 

Click on the BUY button and start building passive income right away.

Launch Pricing
+$50 Monthly subscription for maintenance/upgrades/support
No transaction fees
Personalized Training session on platform
Unlimited Courses
Instant Payouts for each course sale
You can charge any price for courses (no limits)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other costs are there besides the $350 down, and $50/month? 

A: It depends if you have a website already or not. If you already have a self-hosted website and hosting account, we can create a subdomain such as, and upload the site there. However - if you do not have a self hosted website, you will have to purchase your website domain name such as, as well as a hosting package. It's up to $35 a year, very affordable. We will make recommendations on this once we find out details from you.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of courses I can sell or number of people that can sign up on my site?

A: NO! You can have an UNLIMITED amount of courses, students, content, etc. 

Q: How long does it take for you to build my online course website?

A: It typically takes us 2-4 weeks to develop and customize your site. We have to wait for you to send us content so we recommend that you have all content ready before ordering.

Q: How many courses will you upload for me when I sign up?

A: We will upload an unlimited amount of courses when we first build your website, as long as you have all content ready. After the website is built and running, it will cost $150/course for us to upload.

Q: How will I market my new course website to my target audience?

A: We will provide some marketing tips you can follow! Also - we offer helpful online courses on how to generate website traffic. Feel free to ask us for details.

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